Take me down to the fields where the grass is

where the glasses lie.

29 April 1991
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Ely or Ale. 19 atm. Spanish. University student, Art History degree. Totally loving it. Loves reading and writing. And drawing, but sucks at it. Loves hanging out with friends. Loves music. Currently in love with J-Pop, or more accurately with KAT-TUN. Used to dislike Kanjani8, but is quickly changing her mind. Toally in love with Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya both as individuals and as Akame. Specially Akanishi Jin. Already fell for Taguchi and Koki. And Tat-chan, mind you. Outside Johnnys, doesn't know much. GReeeeN, Crystal Kay, some others. Loves songs rather than groups. Loves English. Studying it, but is not that good. So beware awful mistakes. Also loves Japanese, and currently trying to study it. Obviously loves too many things, life above all. And... Nothing more to say. No, really. I'm not an interesting person.

This journal is friends only. I like meeting new people and making friends, so feel free to friend me. However, ask first. And show some interest in being my friend. Comment on my entries, ask for my msn, something, but don't just friend me and disappear.

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